Caridina cf. cantonensis Habitat

Chris Lukhaup uploaded a video this year celebrating the results of an expedition to Hong Kong. Funded by Dennerle aquatics, and accompanied by a team of explorers, he managed to find the natural habitat of Caridina cf. cantonensis, otherwise known as the Bee Shrimp.


Many aquarists may be familiar with the heavily colour-bred varieties kept by specialist shrimp keepers but not of the original stock. I find this surprising, not only because new information regarding natural behaviour, environment, and endemicity has recently become accessible, but that generations of specimens have been in the hobby for so long despite it. Caridina cf. cantonensis hosts two main cultivars, the previously mentioned Bee Shrimp, and a more popular red variant – the Crystal Red. Each of these have sub varieties and even their own colour grading system so they may be exhibited at shows!

Anyway, although I personally have to admit that a lot of the cultivars are very beautiful, there’s something about seeing them in their natural habitat that just makes sense. The black, white, and translucent banding camouflages well against fallen vegetation, and is something i’d love to recreate at home.

(Check out Chris Lukhaups other uploads including findings in Lake Sulawesi)




~ by Adam Bone on November 16, 2011.

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