Miomantis nymph update

I still haven’t been able to get any decent photos of my Miomantis nymphs, they’re too distant in their tank for me to use my lens mod, and too small for my standard lens to pick up any detail. I think i’ll have to get a macro lens, i’ve been meaning to for a while now anyway.

Images aside, at least one of the nymphs has shed its exoskeleton, making it nearly twice as big as it was before! It seems to have changed colour to a slightly lighter straw yellow too. I’ve also seen them feeding on small fruitflies, so it’s good to know they’re eating well.

(Update: June 12, 2010)

All four nymphs are now in what I believe to be their third larval instar, and are beginning to look slightly more like the pictures i’ve seen of their parents.


~ by Adam Bone on June 9, 2010.

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