Finished cabinet!

It’s taken me just over 3 weeks but what a relief it is to have finished my Wunderkammer cabinet. I’ve yet to fill it with natural objects, curiosities, and weathered artifacts, though I have a feeling this will be the easiest (and most enjoyable) part of the whole process.


The whole cabinet (other than the hinges, brass findings, and thimble display boxes) was built from scratch using scrap wood, and the 5 windows + shelf were glass panes from picture frames I bought at a charity shop.


It was originally meant to remain a deep brown colour, except the woodstain I used disagreed and decided to not dry at all and settle only in certain patches. I had to use white spirit and sandpaper to remove it all, then painted it black instead. I think I prefer it like this now anyway, it has the same colour scheme as some old specimen display pots I wish to include.


~ by Brown Moth on February 4, 2010.

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