Moth & Sempervivum

I need some sort of moth guidebook at hand to find out what species this is, but regardless, I’m pleased that I noticed it sitting on this dried Sempervivum flower branch. Camouflaged from a distance, its colours blend in well with the surroundings and compliment the withering purple petals, making not only a good photo opportunity, but also a reminder that autumn is upon us.

Brown moth & SempervivumBrown moth and Sempervivum

Update 13/10/2010: I think the moth is Phlogophora meticulosa


~ by Brown Moth on September 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Moth & Sempervivum”

  1. This photo is so, so, so nice looking.

    Beautiful Brown Moth ;)

  2. Really well shot, you got lucky with this one! Keep up the good work!
    Peace, Phil

  3. WELL! nice

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