It was my birthday a week ago so I was fortunate enough to receive some lovely gifts. Among other things like a propagator, clock parts, and terracotta pots, I was also given some plants!

Copiapoa hypogaeaRebutia musculaMammillaria heyderi hemisphaericus

Copiapoa hypogaea,  Rebutia muscula,  Mammillaria heyderi hemisphaericus

Sulcorebutia arenacea

This also included 10 Sulcorebutia arenacea, which I potted up all in the same container.

One that didn’t need coating in soil, however, was this pillow my girlfriend bought me. Knowing that such a material existed is almost just as pleasing as it was to receive it in the first place. The imagery is very similar to the illustrations you find in 1970’s cacti publications.

Something I had been anticipating saving enough money for and purchasing myself was Graham Charles’s Gymnocalycium in Habitat and Culture, though I was lucky enough to have been given this too! The author was also kind enough to have signed it, making it furthermore one of my most treasured on the bookshelf. Since I’ve had it I’ve been constantly browsing through the vast amount of pages, always finding something new and interesting in the intensive literature or high-quality images of habitat, species, variation, drawings, and old reference publications. The thoroughness of this book also makes it a modern piece of work that’ll have use for years to come.


~ by Brown Moth on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “Presents!”

  1. What a lovely girlfriend you have to give you such a nice cushion! ;D

    It’d be nice to find that material and make other stuff from it.

    Glad you had a good birthday lovely.


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