Echinopsis seed pods

Another set of seed pods were found split today, both of them with the divide facing downwards. These belong to a couple Echinopsis hybrids I bought a year or so ago from a nurseryman on ebay, named Echinopsis (Bilsdale Hybrid) “Orange Star” and Echinopsis (Bilsdale Hybrid) “Scent”.

As I only have three Echinopsis plants, they must have been cross-pollinated with each other for the ovaries to set seed. This renders the cacti further hybrids, with one of the possible parents being Echinopsis subdenudata. Hopefully this is the case, as I’d like some more woolly areoles in my collection!


~ by Brown Moth on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “Echinopsis seed pods”

  1. Scary hairy. But nice!


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