Gymnocalycium calochlorum seed pod

Today I found that the pod on this one had split open too. After realising, it only took a nudge for the fruit to detach, fall off, and roll down the side of the plant.

Gymnocalycium calochlorum seed pod

Unless calochlorum is self-fertile (which I doubt, as I’ve read that few Gymnocalyciums actually are, if any) then this fruit is another of hybrid origin. I remember using either/both ochoterenae and damsii pollen for fertilisation, but certainty is not something i’m too concerned about at the moment, as the seedlings will reveal all upon germinating next year.

Gymnocalycium calochlorum seed pod

Opening the fruit so I could claim the contents, I wondered why there were considerably less seeds compared to the calochlorum pod (that arrived on the plant when I bought it) last year. Is it because perhaps the flower wasn’t pollinated thoroughly enough this time, or was it just another result of fertilisation occurring between two different species of plants.

This year (left) and last year (right)


~ by Brown Moth on August 16, 2009.

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