Gymnocalycium damsii seed pod

Tonight I went outside to sit with my plants only to find a ripened damsii seed pod split open!

I noticed a couple days ago the fruit turning from green to a yellow colour, and then to an orange tinted pink (as seen below). I assumed it still had some ripening to do, as I’ve read that the pods of some Gymnocalycium (particularly of those in the Muscosemineum subgroup) turn red.

What makes me particularly excited about this batch of seeds is that they are the result of a cross-pollination between the plant Gymnocalycium damsii, and Gymnocalycium ochoterenae. I am very interested as to the potential result of their offspring; a cactus like damsii could do with inheriting some characteristics ochoterenae beholds, particularly the longer and stronger spines for protection.

I was surprised to see how vibrant the inside of the pod was, I was almost tempted to eat it.


~ by Brown Moth on August 14, 2009.

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