Poast rotatoes

At the beginning of June my mum threw out a whole bag of potatoes because they were sprouting in the kitchen cupboard. I decided it was a bad idea to compost them as a few years previous someone must have done the same, resulting in a scraggly potato plant growing inside the bin.

Instead, I took a few of the sprouting potats, and put them in various containers around the sunniest parts of the garden. I was soon rewarded with fast-growing plants, which not only outgrew their pots/bags in no time, but added a burst of foliage to the otherwise bare patio.

Yesterday I dug them all up, as I was advised the best time to do so was after the flowers had appeared, and here they are!

(Half were made into a very nice curry)

I think in the future I’ll be doing this again, perhaps with bigger containers for larger produce, and with more potatoes. They were so easy to cultivate, needing practically no maintenance – just a sunny (preferably a south facing) position and an average supply of rain.


~ by Brown Moth on August 6, 2009.

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