Here’s a piece I just finished as part of our “surface and layering” project on the FdA.

The idea behind it came from a little thought I had about the project title, that “Surface can be defined by the objects/life that exists upon it”.

Looking about the tabletops around my room, I was aware of the amount of hoarded items I’d collected, mainly by means of beachcombing. From when I’d first accumulated them, I knew they held some sort of personal significance (otherwise I wouldn’t have picked them up), so what more of a better way to express this than through some assemblage art!

I like the way that although these items were all collected from the beach, they don’t reflect a traditional view of how a coastal surface is usually portrayed. I believe it’s partly for this reason that this piece should be thought of as art, rather than just home decoration. (Not that I don’t enjoy that either!)

The box-frame was made using salvaged wood, and houses 3 concealed LED’s which light the contents from above. I might have to invest in a better camera, but the image above gives an alright example of how it looks switched on.


~ by Brown Moth on October 21, 2008.

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